What's a copa glass?

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What's a copa glass?

Traditionally gin and tonics were made in collins or high-ball glasses. So what is a copa glass, and does it matter?

Copa glasses evolved in Spain, where chefs would use red wine glasses to drink their G&Ts in their hot kitchens. Drinking from these glasses meant that their G&Ts stayed cold till the last drop, and were less diluted. 

In addition, the large bowl-shape is designed to trap the aromas of the gin, creating a better tasting drink. After all, smell makes up 80% of taste. 

With the recent popularity and abundance of garnishes, the balloon-shaped glass does well to highlight them. The glass enhances the drink on the nose, allowing the aromas of the garnishes to mix with the gin, and truly complement the underlying botanicals. Lastly, the glass serves as the perfect vessel for a beautiful G&T - after all, we do drink with our eyes first!

So do you really need a copa for your G&T?  Short answer - no. But if you do want to see if it makes a difference, try a red wine glass - it is how the copa started. 



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