Prepare for a Whisky tasting

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Prepare for a Whisky tasting

Whisky Tasting Glass

We've created a super simple checklist to help you prepare for your whisky tasting. 
  1. Your whiskies! Take your pick from our extensive range.
  2. Glasses - While some people swear by tulip-shaped glasses, or specific whisky glasses, generally any stemmed glass that is narrower at the top than the bottom works well e.g. a wine glass. Although glass quality makes some difference to your tasting experience, overall it won't make a huge impact. 
  3. Water - Room temperature water and some glasses. You will need this in-between tastings to clear your palate and also to add a few drops to stronger whiskies to cut through the alcoholic intensity. The water will allow you to smell and taste the underlying characteristics of the whisky.
  4. Ice - This isn't recommended for most tastings because it will dilute the whisky, reduce the aroma, and numb your palate. If you are using ice, try to use larger blocks or whisky stones that will cool your drink with less dilution.
  5. Food - Try one of our suggested pairings (provided in our tasting notes which accompany each box), or keep some unsalted crackers to help cleanse your palate between tastings.  
  6. Friends - Optional, but it's always fun to compare what each of you smells/tastes. Just remember, whisky tasting is a personal experience and everyone's palate is different. 

That's it, you're all set for your whisky tasting experience! Remember if you really enjoyed a particular whisky, check out our full-size section to order a bottle at a great price.

Drink responsibly.

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