Are You Simple, Neat, or On the Rocks?

Are You Simple, Neat, or On the Rocks?

The whisky you drink says a lot about who you are. It is a versatile foundation for a playfully biting cocktail or, for the more sophisticated connoisseur, serve it neat (straight), simple (splash of water), or on the rocks (over ice).

As diverse as the regions from which is beacons, whisky flavours scale from “light and floral, fruity and spicy, rich and rounded, to full bodied and smoky”. From nose to finish, this divine drink features a vast array of sensations and flavours, and master blenders are forever discovering new ways to tantalise the palette. So many aspects contribute to the nose, the flavour, the finish: ingredients, fermentation, distillation, and ageing all add to the essence of the whisky’s character. Carefully calculated maturation in second-hand casks, from two to 40 years or more, contribute subtle hints of remnant elements such as rum, sherry, or plum wine. Charred oak barrels instill it with colour and richness, while smoothing harshness, and boosting fruitiness. The combinations of factors that contribute to a quality whisky are seemingly endless. Whisky is as complex as it is coveted, and rare releases can be exorbitantly expensive and elusive.

Each whisky speaks its own language, so what appeals to one may not appeal to the next, and finding a your whisky can be a challenge. Where to begin? How do you taste these rare and unique spirits and build your personal preference list without breaking the bank?

Gusto Collection’s whisky subscription is the answer. Based in Hong Kong, Gusto Collection will send directly to your door a special selection of three hand-picked varieties from our extensive whisky library for your sipping pleasure. Receive a new package with enticing new flavours every month. Each beautifully packaged and labelled taste tube contains a full-size pour (30 ml) for one, or just a wee dram if sharing with a friend. Included in each package are carefully crafted tasting notes to assist you in your discovery of the subtle and not-so-subtle differences as you sample the liquid amber searching for the perfect nose, palate and finish. Need a gift for the man who has everything? Look no further.

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