4 Amazing Tips to try Whisky this Winter

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4 Amazing Tips to try Whisky this Winter

Whisky is a great addition to any night, but it can be challenging to get new people to discover the delicious world of whisky. Whisky is complex, and some people feel intimidated by its intense aromas and flavours. And while there are so many different types of whisky out there, many people don’t know what to look for when buying it or what tastes best with it. Here are our top 4 tips for trying whisky this season:

1) Start with a splash of water

Everyone loves a good cocktail, but sometimes you can overwhelm your guests with the flavour of your liquor. To give your guests a taste of whisky without overwhelming their palates, start with a splash of water and then add ice cubes. This will help balance out the flavours in the drink and make it more appetising to everyone.

2) Don’t buy a full bottle ahead of time

First, don’t buy a bottle of whisky and pour it out. It’s challenging to find what you like and can be wasteful if you spend too much money on the one bottle. Try one of our tasting boxes to try a range of whiskies and discover more. These are ideal for individual serves or for tasting sizes for two - a great date night experience!

3) Serve your whisky neat or on the rocks

When you serve your whisky, keep in mind that it is a complex drink. The natural flavours of the drink are subtle and can be hard to detect. It is best served on its own or with a splash of water.

4) Host a tasting night

Using your newly acquired whisky knowledge, host a tasting night to share with your friends. Purchase a few of your favourite bottles and lead a blind tasting, or just an informative session. You can use this activity to teach people about whisky and how to taste different types of liquor.

Bottom line

We hope these tips will help you get your whisky journey started this winter! Gain some experience for yourself first, and then start sharing with your friends or family!

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